YSN Sports - Rebecca Mulder

On Tuesday, September 18, 2012, I got to take a little look into what my future could be like all thanks to the YSN Sports Broadcasting Academy.

The President of the academy got me and along with three other of my fellow graduates the opportunity to job-shadow Larry Burnett, the play-by-play announcer of the WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks’ and YSN Sports Broadcasting Academy faculty member. It was one of the most inspiring nights I’ve had in my 16 years. Mr. Burnett showed us what he goes through prior to the game, during the game, and took the time to sit and talk with us after the game was over.

The first thing when we arrived was a Los Angeles Sparks’ employee showed us to the team conference room and introduced us to Larry Burnett. Mr. Burnett informed us of the schedule for the night and within 10 minutes we were sitting in on a production meeting with Mr. Burnett and the producer to go over the game. I never would have thought that so much detail and planning went into a show, but I was wrong. Everything is planned out in advance and determined to the second. Next, Mr. Burnett took to where he did everything to prepare for the night. We got to watch him do a live player interview with Nneka Ogwumike. Then we walked into the Sparks’ locker room and listened to him while he interviewed the coach. We also got to watch him interview the coach of the opposing team. After that, we walked on the court with Mr. Burnett while he interviewed a few players to gather more information that he might need during the game.

Right before the game started, Mr. Burnett took us to the media section of the stands where he showed us to sit directly behind him while he did the play-by-play for the game. This was really a dream come true, I never expected that Mr. Burnett to treat us like we were so important. There really was nothing more he could have done to make us feel more comfortable and in the right place. Throughout the night, Mr. Burnett would check up on us. Even the other people in the media box made sure we didn’t need anything else.

I learned so much from Mr. Burnett. He took the time to talk with us after the game. The most important thing that I got from him the whole night was to never give up. He told us that “what matters is your experience…” and I think that is very important because nowadays that is what gets you places, not just an education. That night really gave me a new perspective on the sportscasting field. Going through the YSN Sports Broadcasting Academy taught me a lot, but getting to see it and learn hands-on was even more educational.

Rebecca Mulder, Graduate
YSN Sports Broadcasting Academy